Welcome to NPERS!
Welcome to NPERS!


Online Account Access


Existing users - to continue to the online account access click HERE

NEW users - for instructions on setting up a new account, click HERE

New users - please carefully follow the following instructions:
To set up a new account, you will need to know your "Plan" number. The number for the mandatory State plan is 002002. The number for the voluntary Deferred Compensation Plan is 002000. The number for State Patrol members participating in the DROP program is 002001. Plan numbers for County members can be found HERE (pdf).
After you have your Plan number you must go to the Ameritas website and register using the Plan number and your Social Security number to establish your userID and password.

Registration Instructions - Be sure to carefully read the onscreen instructions found on each page.

Click HERE to go to the Ameritas website (browser will open in new window).
You will be directed to the "Account Login" page. Click on one of the "Register now" links:

You will be directed to the Registration Options Page. Click on the "Client" link:

You will be directed to the Registration User Agreement Page:

Review the user agreement and click on the "Accept" button at the bottom of the page:

You will then be directed to the Registration Page. Enter your Social Security number, Name, Date of Birth and Plan number. You do not need an email address to register but it is strongly recommended. This email is used to notify you when changes are made to your account and send quarterly account statements. This email is also used if you forget your password and need it reset. If you already have an email address on file you will need to re-enter it.

Scroll down and enter what you wish to use for your User ID and Password. Select a security question and provide the answer.
Click on the "Submit" button.

If you have completed the registration process correctly you will be directed to the registration confirmation screen where you may sign on using your new User ID and Password.
If you have NOT completed the registration process correctly you will be redirected to the registration page. Look for the red error text to determine which fields contain incorrect information. Correct those fields and again click on the "Submit" button.

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