Welcome to NPERS!
Welcome to NPERS!


State & County Seminar Schedules

  Retirement Planning and Financial Management seminars for State and County plan members are held annually starting in late summer. Enrollment forms will be mailed to plan members approximately four weeks prior to the start of the first session or members may use the online enrollment/registration forms. Members must enroll in advance in order to attend a seminar.

NOTE: The online enrollment form may be completed using your keyboard and mouse. Please print two copies of the completed form - one for your records and one to mail to NPERS along with your payment. A confirmation postcard will be mailed to you prior to the seminar. NPERS recommends contacting our office if you do not receive a confirmation postcard within two weeks of mailing your registration. Confirmation cards will not be mailed for registrations received one week prior to date of the seminar - late enrollees are encouraged to contact our office to confirm registration.

NPERS strives to update this page on a regular basis to indicate full sessions - this is not a guarantee of availability.

2017 Retirement Planning Seminars - over age 50

Enrollment/Registration Form

2017 Dates Location
August 30 Lincoln - map
August 31 Lincoln - map
September 6 LaVista - map
September 12 Grand Island - map
September 13 Lincoln - map
September 20 Gering - map
September 21 Valentine - map
September 27 Norfolk - map
September 28 Columbus - map
October 11 Lincoln - map
October 18 Lincoln - map
October 19 Lincoln - map
October 26 LaVista - map
November 1 North Platte - map
November 7 Grand Island - map
November 15 Lincoln - map

2017 Financial Management Seminars - under age 50

Enrollment/Registration Form

2017 Dates Location
September 7 LaVista - map
September 19 Gering - map
September 26 Norfolk - map
October 12 Lincoln - map
November 2 North Platte - map
November 8 Grand Island - map
November 14 Lincoln - map

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