Investment Information

Annual Investment Report

The Annual Investment Report is provided each year so the plan participants in our Defined Contribution, Deferred Compensation, and State Patrol DROP plans have materials and tools to help them make educated investment choices when looking at the Fund Options that are available to them.
Investment Report


Investment Education Video - State, County, DROP & DCP
To further help Defined Contribution, Deferred Compensation, and State Patrol DROP Plan members make informed investment decisions, NPERS offers an Investment Education video. This video covers the investment options and provides an outline on the basics of investing.
Making Allocation Elections or Fund Transfers using the Ameritas Website
NPERS Financial Planning Video
Whether you're in your 20's, 30's, or 40's it is never too soon to consider where you stand financially and where you want to go later in life. Mike equips you with valuable financial tools to help you take charge of your finances.

Investment Forms

Investment Election form (Defined Contribution only)
Investment Election Form (DROP participants only)
DCP Plan Change Form
DCP Enrollment Form

Ameritas Mobile Website Walkthrough

Ameritas Mobile Website Walkthrough

NPERS Publications

How Large Should My Nest Egg Be? (pdf)
Setting and Achieving Your Nest Egg Goal (pdf)
Wild Week - The Perils of Market Timing (pdf)
Where Did Your Money Go? (pdf)
Tips for the First Time Homebuyer (pdf)
Creating an "Emergency" Fund (pdf)
Save On That Auto! (pdf)
Nest Egg Management After Retirement (pdf)
Traditional or Roth IRA? (pdf)
Saver's Tax Credit (pdf)
Considering a Rollover at Retirement? Read This First!

Misc Financial Publications

Making Your Nestegg Last A Lifetime (pdf)


Choose To Save
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