Online Account Information

Online Account Information

There are two separate and distinct options for online account access, NPERS and Ameritas. Members who create an online account have various functionality depending on their account status, plan membership, and which online access they are utilizing. Please carefully review the text below to determine which online account is right for you. Some plan members may wish to create an NPERS and Ameritas account depending on their needs.

NPERS Online Access
The NPERS online account access is available for members of ALL the plans administered in our office. Creating an NPERS online account allows members to access and update the membership data we maintain "inhouse."

Retired Members may:

  • Change tax withholding on annuity payments.
  • View benefit information.
  • View and print annual tax statements (1099R).
  • Change their email address.
  • Review beneficiary information (see note below).
Active Members (individuals who are still actively employed with a plan sponsor) may:
  • Review beneficiary information (see note below).
  • Change their email address.
Inactive Members (individuals who have terminated employment with a plan sponsor but have not started receiving a benefit) may:
  • Review beneficiary information (see note below).
  • Change their physical mailing address.
  • Change their email address.
NOTE: Beneficiary information may not display for individuals who have beneficiary forms on file that are more than ten years old. These forms are still valid but not yet entered into our computer system. If you wish to enable online review, please submit a new beneficiary form to our office. Currently, the only method to change beneficiaries is via submission of the completed, signed, and notarized form.

To create a new NPERS online account, click HERE.

Ameritas Online Access
The Ameritas online account access is only for members of the State, County, Deferred Compensation, and State Patrol DROP plans. Creating an Ameritas online account allows access to the record-keeping data Ameritas maintains for these plans. Members who create an account have the following functionality:
  • Review account balances.
  • Review or change investment elections and allocations (not available for Cash Balance).
  • Review investment performance.
  • Review and print copies of quarterly statements.
  • Change their email address. This will not change the email address for an NPERS online account.
To create a new Ameritas online account, click HERE.