State Patrol Pension Plan

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  The 1947 Legislature created the State Patrol Retirement Plan.
  • Members hired on or after July 1, 2016 fall under "Tier Two" benefits.
  • Benefits are capped at 75% of final average compensation for all members.
  • Members with 30 or more years of service may retire at any age.
  • Members with 25 or more years of service may retire at age 50.
  • Members with 10 or more years of service may retire at age 55.
  • Retirement is mandatory at age 60.
  • Tier One members contribute 16% of compensation. Tier Two members contribute 17%.
  • The employer matches member contributions at 100%.
  • Besides normal benefits, the law provides disability and survivor benefits.
  • A "DROP" feature is available for Tier One members.
  • Members are not covered by Social Security.
  • As a defined benefit plan, lifetime monthly retirement benefits are based on this formula:
Average highest compensation
(Tier One 3 years/Tier Two 5 years)
X Creditable Service Years X Formula Factor (currently 3.0%)

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Forms Publications Benefit Estimator