Benefit Estimators

Please read the following BEFORE using a benefit estimator!

NPERS provides benefit estimators for use as an educational tool to help you plan for retirement. The estimators calculate monthly pension amounts for School, Judges, and State Patrol plan members. State and County plan members who are considering purchasing an annuity for their mandatory Cash Balance or Defined Contribution accounts can use the estimator to determine monthly benefits under each of the annuity options. For a complete listing of your options at retirement, please refer to your member handbook (available in the Publications section).

The Results provided by the Benefit Estimators are provided for purposes of illustration and discussion only and do not reflect the actual amount you will receive when you retire. Benefits will be determined after your employer submits your final salary and service data to our office and subsequent receipt of your retirement application.

Prior to using the Benefit Estimators, please be aware of the following information:

  • Estimates are based on the data you input and are not official estimates.
  • Tax calculations are determined using current tax tables and are based only on the amount of the estimated benefit. They are not a determination of your actual taxes during retirement.
  • The benefit estimator does not currently include a function to calculate taxes. NPERS is working on adding a tax calculation function. Until that time, the Net Benefit Amounts displayed will be equal to Gross Benefit Amounts as no income taxes have been calculated or subtracted.
  • Federal law may limit benefits to some highly compensated members.
  • The State of Nebraska does not offer annuities for the voluntary Deferred Compensation Plan.
I have read this disclaimer and understand the estimate I am generating is not an official determination of benefits.