Investment Council

  Office: 1526 K St., Suite 420, Lincoln, NE 68508, phone (402) 471-2043
  State Investment Officer: Michael W. Walden-Newman
  Statutory Reference: 72-1237
  Investment Council Website

The 1969 Legislature created the Nebraska Investment Council to provide for centralized investment of state funds.

The Council establishes investment strategies for all funds and guidelines for specific portfolios. It determines the allocation of funds among managers. It selects external managers and consultants, subject to gubernatorial approval. The Council also implements any other policies that it deems desirable on the State Investment Officer, staff and external managers.

The State Investment Officer is selected by the Council, subject to approval by the Governor and the Legislature. The State Investment Officer makes recommendations to the Council concerning the activities of the organization, implements Council decisions and selects staff to assist in the activities of the organization.

On December 31, 2018, the Council managed assets totaling approximately $26.0 billion.

The Council has five voting members plus the State Treasurer, the Public Employees Retirement SystemsÂ’ Executive Director, and the Omaha School Employees Retirement System Executive Director. The five voting members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature. They serve five-year staggered terms. The Governor selects the chairperson.

The Council meets approximately six times a year.

Member Term Expires
Gail Werner-Robertson, Omaha (Chair) Dec. 31, 2023
John M. Dinkel, Norfolk Dec. 31, 2019
Richard A. DeFusco, Lincoln Dec. 31, 2021
Keith Olson, Omaha Dec. 31, 2020
John H. Conley, Omaha Dec. 31, 2022
John Murante (State Treasurer) Ex Officio
Randy Gerke (Director NPERS) Ex Officio
Cecelia M. Carter (Director OSERS) Ex Officio
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