Investment Council

Office: 1526 K St., Suite 420, Lincoln, NE 68508

phone: (402) 471-2043

State Investment Officer: Michael W. Walden-Newman

Statutory Reference: 72-1237

In 1969, the Legislature created the Nebraska Investment Council to provide centralized investment of state funds.
The Nebraska Investment Council also manages the investments of the retirement systems administered by the PERB and NPERS.

For more information about the Nebraska Investment Council, please visit their website at Nebraska Investment Council |

Member Term Expires
Gail Werner-Robertson (Chair) Dec. 31, 2023
John M. Dinkel, Norfolk Dec. 31, 2024
Richard A. DeFusco, Lincoln Dec. 31, 2026
Keith Olson, Omaha Dec. 31, 2025
John H. Conley, Omaha Dec. 31, 2022
John Murante (Director, NPERS) Ex Officio
Shane Rhian (Director, OSERS) Ex Officio