Spam/Marketing Email Notice

Several State employees have recently received retirement related emails sent to their work email addresses. The subject line in these emails have included, "Participants in the Nebraska Public Employees' Retirement System Can you Afford to Retire? Do you understand your Benefits? We Can Help...." and "Nebraska Public Employees.. Will Your Retirement Survive?" The email encourages the recipient to schedule a 15 minute "No Cost Retirement Consultation" where you will receive a "State of Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Report" and a "Complimentary Personalized Retirement Analysis."

Some plan members are under the impression these emails came from NPERS. They did not. These are spam/marketing emails coming from a private entity who has obtained the email addresses of Nebraska State employees. The organization sending these emails is not affiliated with NPERS in any way.

Official NPERS emails will only come from a email account, or, in the case of electronic statements, through Ameritas, the record keeper for NPERS retirement plans. If you receive a communication regarding your retirement account, and question if it's a legitimate communication from NPERS or a solicitation from a third party, please feel free to contact our office.