School Retirement Planning Seminars

The NPERS retirement seminars are an excellent way to begin planning for an important time in your life. Seminars include information regarding your pension plan, financial planning, social security benefits, adjusting to retirement, and estate planning. If you have questions on seminar scheduling, contact NPERS Education Services department at NPERS.SEMINARS@NEBRASKA.GOV or call 402-471-9671.

Attending a (Free!) Webinar

The 1/2 day webinar is a slimmed down version of our all-day in-person events. These webinars are free to attend, and will provide you with in-depth information on your retirement plan, along with time to have your questions answered. The 1/2 day webinar in conjunction with our Social Security, Medicare, and Estate Planning videos, provides the same experience as our in-person, full-day seminars.

A PDF of the this year's binder of educational materials can be found HERE. These materials can be used to follow along with the webinar presentation, or simply as a guide for your own self-study of your retirement plan

Registering for a Webinar

To register for one of these FREE 1/2 day webinars, please e-mail the following to NPERS.SEMINARS@NEBRASKA.GOV

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of the webinar you wish to attend
  • Email address you would like to have associated with this webinar

Webinar Dates

1/2 Day Webinars run from 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

1/2 Day Webinars - Free

Webinar Dates (Evening)

Our two-hour evening seminars include our "Retirement 101" plan overview so you may learn the basics about the School Retirement Plan, including a Q&A with our presenters over Webex, at a convenient after-work time.

Evening Webinars run from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Evening Webinars - Free
02/28/2024 (Evening)
06/06/2024 (Evening)

Registration for 2024 School Seminars is Closed

In-Person Seminar Dates

At NPERS, we're committed to keeping you informed and we make every effort to keep our website up-to-date. Seminars can fill up fast so if you have any questions about seminar availability, please email us at NPERS.SEMINARS@NEBRASKA.GOV or call (402) 471-2053 Ext. 1

Date Location Registration Status
03/05/2024 Lincoln Completed
03/06/2024 Lincoln Completed
03/07/2024 LaVista Completed
03/13/2024 Norfolk Completed
03/14/2024 Norfolk Completed
03/21/2024 Lincoln Completed
03/27/2024 Kearney CANCELLED
04/02/2024 Kearney Completed
04/03/2024 Kearney Completed
04/04/2024 Grand Island Completed
Date Location Registration Status
04/09/2024 Gering Completed
04/10/2024 North Platte Completed
04/17/2024 LaVista Completed
04/18/2024 LaVista Completed
05/08/2024 McCook Completed
05/09/2024 Grand Island Completed
05/14/2024 LaVista Completed
05/15/2024 LaVista Completed
05/22/2024 Lincoln Completed
05/23/2024 Lincoln Completed

Taking Leave with Pay to Attend an In-Person Seminar

Each eligible employee is entitled to receive leave with pay to attend up to two retirement planning programs. According to state law, "...leave with pay shall mean a day off paid by the employer and shall not mean vacation, sick, personal, or compensatory time." You may choose to attend a seminar more than twice, but such leave will be at your expense and at the discretion of the employer. Consult with your employer regarding leave granted prior to seminar attendance.

Cancellations of In-Person Seminars

In the event a session is cancelled, NPERS will attempt to contact participants. Limited time frames associated with weather cancellations may make it difficult to contact every participant in advance. In the event of a weather cancellation, NPERS will place a notice on the home page of the NPERS website as soon as possible and members may contact our office to confirm seminar status. Cancellation of a seminar does require the employee to report to their workstation or make other arrangements with their employer (use vacation time) concerning their absence. If NPERS reschedules a cancelled seminar, each registrant will be contacted concerning the new date and given the option of attending or receiving a refund. If a seminar is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will receive a refund of your registration fee.

Unable to Attend?

Unable to attend a seminar program -we've got you covered! We recorded our February 2024 webinar session, hosted via Webex, and you can watch it anytime for that seminar-at-home experience.