Tax Forms

After January 1st, 2023, the new W-4P tax form is required by the IRS for taxation of annuity payments. Or if you are planning on taking required minimum distribution, lump sum payment, or rollover from your account, you may need to complete a W-4R. Complete the W-4N to establish, make changes to, or request exemption from Nebraska State tax withholding.

If you are thinking about accessing these options, you may want to familiarize yourself with these forms at the IRS.GOV website. The instruction sheets on these forms are comprehensive and helpful. NPERS staff are not allowed to provide taxation advisement or guidance, so you may need to take these forms to your tax advisor for review, prior to requesting a distribution or annuity payment.

Federal Tax Forms

State Tax Form

Tax Forms Guide

This video is a guide to the W-4P, W-4R, and W-4N tax forms as they apply to requesting funds from your retirement plan.

Understanding Your 1099-R

Annotated 1099R

BOX 1 Box 1 shows everything NPERS paid you in 2023.
BOX 2a Box 2 a shows the amount that is taxable to you.
BOX 4 Box 4 shows the amount that was withheld for federal taxes.
BOX 5 Box 5 shows the amount that is not taxable.
BOX 14 Box 14 shows the amount that was withheld for state taxes.