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The Nebraska Public Employees' Retirement System recognizes the importance of a successful retirement and is dedicated to providing the highest quality service necessary to assist members in achieving this goal.
  Important Changes: School Plan Services Rendered After Termination

With the recent passage of LB 147 in the Unicameral there are significant changes to what voluntary and/or substitute service can be provided by a School plan member during the 180-day period after termination from employment. With the knowledge that our School plan members will have questions regarding what is now acceptable, please reference our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about LB 147's Changes to the Termination of Employment Rules. After reviewing the FAQ document, if questions still remain regarding how this will affect the voluntary and/or substitute service to provide after termination without violating reemployment rules, our Member Services area is available at (402)471-2053 or (800)245-5712, option #1.

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Have you done your retirement homework?

How much time have you spent planning for retirement? Do you know how much you will need to save? Are you familiar with the different options to save for retirement? Sadly, many individuals do not take the time to perform a retirement needs calculation and develop a strategy to meet those needs. Individuals who have devoted time for retirement planning often discover they need to save more!

Each year NPERS provides seminars to help our members learn about their retirement plans and plan for retirement. We strongly encourage plan members to take advantage of these seminars and "do your retirement homework"!
For more information visit our seminar page.

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